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TOPIC: There is so many glitches in Madden 21 coins

There is so many glitches in Madden 21 coins 11 months 2 weeks ago #621

There is so many glitches in Madden 21 coins this game which have already been in the past 3 matches it is so frustrating. The worst one is when your career player will acquire simulated touches in which it doesn't allow you to play when your guys on the area.

That glitch has existed since madden 17 discovered a way to get the ball back 40 percent of their time or better on kickoffs at Madden 21.

I blatantly kick it brief, typically received on round the 18, switch players instantly, happens to be my fb on kick coverage group, run him out in a broad arc to the left, overlooking all of the blockers, return in after the blockers, then hit on the hit stick right since I reach the returner, if I have missed all of the blockers and get to him, he will fumble every time and my coverage team will recuperate it around the 30 yard line.

I discovered it by accident. I've really only ever used it blatantly in like week 17 if I have offensive players near statistical leads or breaking documents

How could I, the game doesn't even understand how football is supposed to functionGonna release a special edition, super petty MUT card.I'm awaiting Madden to hit this level of trolling. It wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

Eventually made a rack and did not purchase cheap Mut 21 coins. Hopefully they fix and enlarge franchise mode, therefore I wish to purchase the next game.

As long as the game is made by EA, it will never have better.Reminds me of"so long as the matrix is present, humanity will never be liberated" I could say. While gameplay is the exact same as FIFAs 15-20, FIFA 21 manager mode (franchise style mirror) got a lot of very nice quality of life changes this season.
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