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TOPIC: You can pick one of these options

You can pick one of these options 1 year 3 weeks ago #5369

It's the guard's beginning point. Begin at the police outpost, which is located between falador and burthorpe. Talk to RuneScape Gold the main guard, and he'll tell you if you're eligible to become a police officer guard. The guard will say yes and conduct an interview with you.

He'll ask you questions regarding the right and wrong way to conduct yourself and then you'll be asked to answer 2+2. After you answer 4 questions, he'll let you enter the wanted list.

You can pick one of these options. There are a variety of possibilities available to you such as: You could protect someone, follow the suspect, look into the scene of a crime, or locate a hideout for a thug and intercept a meeting between two people.

Proper guards' armor is provided when you start a mission. It's basically a knight's white plate with broad shoulders and spikes plates, guard boots and platelegs.

In addition, you'll earn points for playing this game. These points can be used to purchase new ranks or armor, weapons or other items. It is only possible to use the black, silver or bronze bolts on the crossbow once you have bought it. The ranks that are available to Buy OSRS Fire Cape you: chief, warden, deputy soldier, new guy and chief. You also get custom, which lets you use 7 numbers. and 23 characters)
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