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TOPIC: The fishing guild of p2p provides a much quicker w

The fishing guild of p2p provides a much quicker w 3 months 1 day ago #5370

The fishing guild of p2p provides a much quicker way to OSRS Gold earn money fishing. It is possible to catch lobsters and swordfish in Karamja for 20k an hour in f2p (no idea about this one). In p2p, the rate would be at least two times as quick. This is because there is a bank next to the fishing spots within the fishing guild. The p2p player could also fish shark and monkfish which could also give even more profit per hour. In other words, a f2p user will make 100k from fishing, while a person who uses p2p can earn 200-300k.

Mining is exactly the identical. The mining guild in P2P is still a fantastic place to mine coal/mith. But, very only a few people reside in the world, so it's always yours. It is also possible to use mines in the wilderness more conveniently and securely since you can avail of wilderness teleporting. If a player who f2p made $100k mining, a p2p user could earn 150-200k.

The main benefit of p2p lies at higher levels. You can find small groups with more than 90 combat points. You can also try soloing high-level NPCs such as the GWD bosses (and there are plenty more). They usually give you a drop of 5-10m+ frequently. Slayer can also be a means to earn some extra cash. I made around 400-500k per hour playing green dragons at level 110 player, and also gain decent combat experience at the same time.

Jagex realized they didn't want rares to Runescape. They did not plan for amusing holiday items to become high-priced items within Buy RS Gold the Runescape economy. Jagex will eventually get their wish since rares will be discontinued. This will happen over a lengthy period of time.
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