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TOPIC: Its all about the consistent sense more than the

Its all about the consistent sense more than the 1 year 1 week ago #675

Its all about the consistent sense more than the final result. You pursue the feeling of achievement if you're playing osrs or league extended term. And that feeling gets eroded by theatres and urf. On the point that it RS gold no longer feels rewarding to play with the main game.

Well is not that kind of the point he is making? It is in a way fracturing a small area of the community to people that prefer just leagues. Not saying it is going to kill the game but saying that you exclusively play leagues proves this stage imo.It almost definitely raises the playerbase though as a whole. Both through increased twitch streams and only more people rejoining to play leagues and just end up staying

I have not played OSRS in a few months, but that is tempting me to return. Just how much longer can it be operating for?This post is me precisely! Im extremely curious the way the following year goes to this game. . Is this the summit?

Things I think could continue to spice it up or be the way down to this roller coaster That's revival of OSRS

Will another trailblazer be in a position to be sterile? Can group ironman get huge groups of friends playing together again? Raids 3? Perhaps it's because I just started playing like 6 weeks ago, and obtained my own character to mid level. Having to repeat all of the quests and things I have gone , even with the xp promotes and so on, only feels like a chore.

I have tried things that I never could have otherwise (like a skiller) such as KQ and the TzHaar area. Went into Leagues with no strategy and I am enjoying every bit of it!

Seconded. This really is the best idea they have had since really really early"updates" (that are cheap RuneScape gold now main staples of the game). Letting new gamers try out late-game content, seasoned players examine their sport knowledge, making it time-limited. . .they pinpointed the arcade-style texture whilst keeping the game fully intact. Fucking love it especially in a covid winter.
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