General Rules


1. No hacking, cheating, glitching, duping or bug abusing.

2. English in side chat only.

3. No voice in 'side' or 'group' channel. This includes the pre-game lobby.

4. No excessive use of offensive language in any of the available channels. Racism, homophobic, sexist and discriminative language is forbidden.

5. Please be respectful to other players and admins, we all want to enjoy our time on the servers.

6. Our admins work hard for your enjoyment on the server, but they do like to play themselves as well. When they play, the admins do not use their admin powers. So do not accuse them of admin abuse on side-chat. If you have concerns, please contact us on TeamSpeak and we will address any problems you may have.

7. PVP is allowed.

8. No spamming main chat.




Vehicle Rules


1. Trader / safe zones are not for long-term parking. Vehicles left within, or in close proximity of, safe-zones can and will be deleted.

2. Players and squads are restricted to owning a maximum of 10 vehicles.

3. No Kamikaze into players bases or traders.




Safe Zone Rules



1. All traders have safe zones.

2. Safe zones are there to give you the opportunity to trade safely. Do not use them for your advantage in combat, going AFK.

3. NO Stealing in safe zones.

4. No Ramming in safe zones.

5. Safezone camping is forbidden.

6. It is not allowed to fire towards safe zones in order to damage and/or destroy vehicles.

7. It is not allowed to salvage players vehicle parts whilst in the trader.



Combat Logging



1. Persistant Combat logging is not allowed.You could face a Ban

2. When engaged in combat with another player, running away or hiding and waiting the 15 second combat timer while an enemy is actively hunting you is considered as combat logging.




Base Building and Base Raiding Rules



1. You are not allowed to build within 1000meters of any traders and AI sites. Exceptions can be discussed with admins.

2. You are not allowed to block off high value buildings or build in close proximity of them. Examples of such buildings are: barracks, multilevel industrial buildings, supermarkets etc.

3. No building over main roads.

4. Base maintenance is on so make sure you maintain your base on a regular basis.

5. Raiding bases is fine, but do not grief bases by placing other objects inside or around them.

6. You are not allowed to take over other players bases.

7. No revealing other players bases in chat or by marking it on the map.


8.You are allowed to hotwire the vehicles but they must be taked out through a open door and not glitched through walls or locked doors.


Any vehicles left in the open can be airlifted away.


Admins have the right to kick and ban players who do not follow the rules.

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